Monday, August 11, 2014


Did you forget about me? I'll be back with the latest update on my travels far and wide. You'll never believe where I've been....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kidnapper Revealed!

Not what you expected, eh? Let me begin by saying I am TRULY sorry, but I do not have Diva and Dude. I understand that you lost a good friend who once hosted Diva and Dude, and even introduced them to each other. I am sorry for your loss. I lost someone too. I am Diva’s little sister, and I’ve been traveling the country searching for her for months. I have absolutely no idea where they are, and if I did, I would gladly send them to you.

It was sad to see their memories forgotten, and I am happy if my kidnapping plot caused you to remember that Jeannie introduced Dude to Diva and brought a smile to your face as you remembered everyone’s favorite Red Hat Lady.

The sad truth is that no one seems to know where my sister or your mascot is, and after many months, it’s looking like she must be lost in the mail somewhere. I thought that by getting you all involved it would at least bring the dolls’ memories back, and we could continue what had been a lot of fun. So, in that spirit, I am preparing to mail myself to a mystery jazzer. My maiden voyage to carry on the tradition started by my sister, SJ Diva. I am hoping that Jazzer will take pics, post them on the blog and keep SJ Diva and Dude’s work alive by mailing me on to someone else. Instead of making a giant list, perhaps whomever is the recipient each time can decide who she wants to surprise by mailing me to them. I’ll let you all decide how to proceed.

If Diva and Dude show back up, I’ll happily resign my post! Again, I apologize if I raised false hopes that the dolls were found. I truly did this not out of maliciousness, but to bring the community together again in this activity.

If you posted a picture of yourself, please PM the divanapper on SJ. I have a special surprise RAK for each of you. Don't be afraid. A trusted Jazzer is helping me out.

Love, Lil Diva

Seven Heaven

How many more of these things are left??

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Six Pix


Five Alive


Four to Score

Getting closer.... I'll drop the other demands if you get me photos of all the Wizard of Oz dolls. Time's running out.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Flower Power

Three to get ready.